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Unlocking Bitcoin’s true potential

DeFi is coming to Bitcoin. Upcoming sBTC launch by Stacks on Bitcoin will unlock at least $500 Billion potential liquid value of Bitcoin into financial protocols. Velar liquidity protocol is your gateway to launch and trade tokens on bitcoin blockchain and earn rewards by providing liquidity to the pools in pool assets.

Why Bitcoin?


Bitcoin is the longest running blockchain since 2009 with zero downtime.


Bitcoin network is run by over 100,000 miners worldwide using PoW consensus mechanism that makes Bitcoin the most secure blockchain in the world.


The total value locked on the bitcoin network is over $1 trillion, around 45% of the entire crypto market.


Stacks and other L2's are redefining decentralized finance by developing a robust L2 infrastructure to unlock value locked in Bitcoin while maintaining finality on Bitcoin Blockchain.

Trade across multiple pairs of crypto

Search for all available trading pairs.

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Decentralised Perpetual Exchange

Trade your favorite cryptos with 20x leverage and security of your own wallet.

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Earn Rewards

Earn airdrops and rewards by providing liquidity to liquidity pools, staking and yield farming.

Your Keys, Your Crypto

Self custody of your funds means you have full control over your cryptocurrency assets without relying on a third-party custodian.

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